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[this is good] Well I feel better about having straight hair. lol.....of course I always wanted curley hair.

Zen Ken

I think you're right about the shampoo thing.  I think people were able to manage their hair before someone invented shampoo....

Little Odd Me

AMEN!!! - and I am not even religious, but you are now officially the goddess of my curly hair! I couldn't agree more with everything you have said. I brush my hair very very gently about once a month to every six weeks. I would rather torture small animals than put a hair dryer (even with a diffuser) anywhere near my hair. I use shampoo about once a month - I did try water-washing only for a while, but all those stories promising my hair would get back to some "natural balance" turned out to be crud for me. Now I wash mostly with a little bit of conditioner. All I ever do to style my hair is to wet it, scrunch it a little with a towel, and rub some conditioner on my hands and run my fingers through a few times. I have

Sun is also the death of the ends of my hair. When cycling or hiking I put it up in a flat bun under a hat. If I can't do that for whatever reason, I put a little sunscreen in conditioner and finger that through my hair first - although that then necessitates a shampooing afterwards.

I used to love using oils in my hair before shampooing too. I liked apricot kernel oil best, or maybe just olive oil. Someone recommended mashing avocado into it, but that was a lot more messy and I am not sure it was better. Then I would put a shower cap on, and a hot damp towel around that (re-wetting and wringing out the the towel whenever it gets cold). Half an hour to a full evening of that, my hair feels great! I might even do that tonight, my hair needs a bit of TLC right now.



Oh, god, just like my sister!!  :-D 

She also has curly curly hair.  But not just all the same curly, she has like three or four diffrerent kinds of curls on her head, all of which respond to different kinds of treatment.  You treat one curl this way, another kind that way.  Someone gave her this book,  Curly Girl,and she swears by it.  Check it out!


[this is good] when you talk about holes in the hair, are you talking about visible holes (splits) along the hair shaft? i need to know the difference between hair that need more attention or normal curly hair that may have holes in it!
(and when i say splits, i don't mean at the ends of the hair!)


I don't know what you mean.  As I explained in the first two paragraphs, all curly hair has holes in it, that's why it curls.
but, yes, I can see visible holes on the hair shaft if I hold a strand of my hair up to the light at just the right angle, and I can feel the coarseness if I run it through my fingers.

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